Fraternal Greetings and
W. Bruce Renner
Intendant General
A Brief History of RCC
PAPER by W. Bruce Renner

David F. Schneeweiss
Puissant Sovereign
We meet 3 times a year
with formal meetings.
Twice a yearwith social functions,
once in July and once in December.
A mailing is sent prior to each.

Recorder, Eugene S. Olofson
19 Proudfit St., Jamestown,
New York 14701-2714
(716) 488-2530,

OFFICERS 2022-2023
Puissant Sovereign David F. Schneeweiss
Eminent Viceroy Rev. Charles M. Roberts
Senior General Jeffrey M. Williamson
Junior General Larry A. King
Treasurer Paul Barrera Jr.
Recorder Eugene S. Olofson
Prelate Brian D. Singer
Orator John E. Zabel
Prefect James E. Sullivan
Standard Bearer G. Franklin Gaskill
Herald Gary A. Sadowski
Sentinal Kenneth R. Howe


1995 Edward R. Trosin
1996 Jerry L. Park
1999 Harold L. Aldrich
2002 Carl J. Smith
2003 John E. Sundeen, Sr.
2004 W. Bruce Renner
2006 Arnold E. Palmer
2007 Reinold H. Nelson
2008 Griffith Jones III
2010 Leland W. Sperry

2012 P. Michael Nielsen
2013 Paul Barrera, Jr.
2014 M. Donald Darrohn III
2015 Bert A. Larson
2016 Eugene S. Olofson
2017 Charles O. Hancock
2018 James R. MacConnell
2019-20 Gerald T. Coleman
2021 James N. Stoll

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